Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enable playing of commercial DVDs (after reinstall, openSUSE 11, 4:4)

After trying to play a DVD I legally own, I was directed by my media player to openSUSE's DVD Playing info . From here, followed link to a website to install xine (all codecs enabled) via the
  • one click install. Finally needed to
  • install DeCSS library -- this link was helpful. Ended up
  • using the bash script here, run in a terminal window. Before it would run I had to make sure that I
  • changed permissions on the script, allowing execution, had to
  • make sure all dependencies listed in the comment block at the top of this script were installed, then had to
  • install GCC and GCC-Fortran with YaST when the script failed for lack of them.
Shell script finally ran, and exited with a message that seemed to imply that the install wasn't successful, but when I tried to play my DVD, it worked. :)

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