Monday, March 2, 2009

Wireless networking - making it work (after reinstall, openSUSE 11, 1:4)

  • Open YaST.
  • Click Network Devices in the left pane, then
  • Click Network Settings in the right pane.
In the new window,
  • Click the Overview tab, and
  • select your networking hardware in the list,
  • Click Configure, and review the settings (defaults should be OK)
  • Click Next, and Finish.
Open a browser window. If there's still no connection close the browser, then
  • Open KNetworkManager (in Lizard menu, under Applications > System > Desktop Applet).
  • Click the New Connection button
  • Select Wireless in the dropdown menu
  • Type your network's ESSID in the textbox at the bottom of the new dialog window
  • Click Connect and Save.
If there's still no connection in the browser, reboot and retry.

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